Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Christmas Lights 2015

When I moved here I brought my lights with me and then figured I had lost them in the move. I bought some more lights, and put a string at the back facing the road and another string in the front. That was last year. This year I went looking for the lights I bought last year and found the lights I thought I had lost. So, Yay!

I purchased a few other items and have improved my Christmas lights display. The following pictures are my show and tell.

I purchased to packs (6) cup hooks from the Tire and that let me hang
the lights. These are the lights I thought I had lost in the move.

The dollar store had cheaper extension cords but travelling there
would have used more money in gas than what this one cost. I will
probably add a timer to this, but that can wait.

It took about five minutes to install the
cup hooks. Six cup hooks cost $2, cheap.

Last year I had one string of these lights wrapped on the railing.
This year both strings are on there. So more joy this year.

Another view of the front lights with timer.

The timer is a heavy duty outdoor jobbie. It most likely uses more
energy than the strings of lights use, but society requires the light
to be off during daylight hours, so I conform. The rubber bands are
there to keep the unit upright and keep water out of the outlets.

The lights at the back from  inside.

The lights at the back from outside. The camera has compensated. To
the eye, none of the porch or railing detail can be seen and the
contrast between the dark and the lights is greater.

Lights at the front.

Another view of the lights at the front.

Night time photography like this requires standing still and holding
the camera very steady. The shutter takes much longer to expose the
picture than it does in bright daylight.