Sunday, February 22, 2015

Souper Jazz at the Carleton Tavern, February 19, 2015

I am working on being able to play with this band called Souper Jazz. Playing jazz guitar is new for me and I am working to keep up. So on this night I took pictures. You will see them below, all 97 of them, warts and all. It may take some time for this posting to load.

This was one of Jazzworks Ottawa's Monthly Jams at the Carleton Tavern, 223 Armstrong at Parkdale with Souper Jazz playing host for the evening.

Souper Jazz, a registered charity, has been playing jazz in the Ottawa area since 1987. Proceeds from those performances are donated to various local charities, usually to the Shepherds of Good Hope soup kitchen: hence the "Soup" in "Souper."

Band members on this night were: Ken Backwell, harmonica and vocals; Sander Mommers, drums, washboard and vocals; Robert Godkin, clarinet, saxophone and vocals, Alan Ridgeway, trumpet; Howard McBride, bass guitar and vocals; Wayne Beaudoin, keyboard; and Doug Biesenthal, banjo.

With the scene set, the remaining pictures are in chronological order. I was using available light without flash. As a result I was lucky to get any pictures in sharp focus. I think I did get a few that are outstanding.

Arrival and Setup
The next lot of pictures shows the band members arriving and setting up the equipment for the night.

The MC introduced the band members to the audience.

Souper Jazz finished their performance for the night. Other bands followed and the music went on until closing time.