Luck Out Photographs

I do not take photographs to create art. However occasionally I luck out and get a picture the could fit the category of art. This will be an ongoing project to post those photographs that I think have artistic merit.

I just wanted to show the detail of the flowers on a flowering shrub in my garden. I think the composition of this turned out very well as did the play of light and dark and the depth achieved with the out of focus background.

I went out to take pictures with my long lens to get practice using it hand held. At first I wasn't even going to take this picture. It's a sculpture of a girl teaching a little boy to read located outside the library. I think this turned out very well.

This is an old boiler located in the Merrickville Ruins in Merrickville. I like the soft light.

This statue of a firefighter makes up one part of the Canadian Firefighters Memorial in Ottawa. I think the play of light and shadow, the angle of the sun and the clear blue sky all combine to make this photograph very good.

I think the fog combined with the winter dormancy of the grass and trees gives this picture its mood.

This was taken at night with no flash in a snow storm. You can see the falling snow and the snow on the tree.

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