Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lionel's Train Set for Girls

In 1957 Lionel produced a train set for girls. It had a pink locomotive and tender with a set of freight cars painted in pastel colours.

This market offering was met with derision from model railroaders and it turned out not to be attractive to girls or adult relatives of girls. The sets didn't sell until they were put on sale. People bought them and repainted the engine and cars.

Some sets were purchased and set aside. They are now a highly prized collectible. Such a set is selling on eBay right now for $815. A vintage set in the original box for boys from about the same time period with the same locomotive and cars in real railway colours is going for $60.

I don't know how to conclude this. I guess Lionel was ahead of its time. So much so that the society of that time didn't get it. Maybe society still doesn't get it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'll Have to Expand on Jordan Cropper in My Planned Sequel

I think one of the problems with characters in stories who are moral is that they tend to be viewed by readers and viewers as bland and uninteresting. I think Jordan Cropper is no exception to that. I think there's a lot more to him than what I showed of him in 'The Seven Second Kiss.' The story isn't about him. He's a supporting character albeit a major one.

Jim on the other hand, even though he's a lesser supporting character, he's older, he's had something go wrong with his life and he's suffering from some kind of trauma. In effect he's a mythical character, even though his story is only touched on.

When we meet him in 'The Seven Second Kiss,' Jordan is in his early twenties, living with his parents, working part time as a janitor, has a passion for playing the saxophone, and spends his spare time partying and womanizing when he gets the opportunity. As the story develops it turns out that he's a nice guy.

I think that in the sequel I am planning that Jordan will be the protagonist, or the story will be a two-hander. Although 'The Seven Second Kiss' had a rather happy ending it left Jordan and Connie in a difficult situation with regard to society in America at that time. There will be hard times ahead for both of them.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Clematis Part 4

In the following pictures you will see the buds open and flower. Then you'll see the plant dropping its petals. If it stays true to previous years the clematis will continue to flower but not as profusely as it did at its peak.

If you haven't seen the earlier parts to this you should go back and view the pictures from the beginning.

It's not easy to see but if you take a good look at the last picture you will see some small buds that have appeared. The clematis will keep flowering into the late summer.