Saturday, March 30, 2013

The LEGO Refill

I was doing some buying with a distributor. They had what was called a LEGO refill. A LEGO refill was a thousand pieces of LEGO in a plain cardboard box at an incredible price. So I ordered one to give it a try.

No one bought it. Most people when they buy toys, they throw the packaging away, but even though this was a deal there were no takers.

After having it in stock for two years I finally put it in the window with a sign on it that very plainly explained how good a deal it was. Three weeks later someone bought it.

The next day, three people came in asking if we had any more of them. I guess the population at large just has a very slow nervous system. Not you, of course.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Characters in The Seven Second Kiss: Mae

Mae Madison is a supporting character but I think she's my favourite. She was great fun to write. She is tough, outspoken and completely streetwise. I tend not to describe the characters physically. I picture Mae at about 5' 4" with a round face, a large smile and with medium length unstraightened hair. She's fearless, hard working, and intelligent. She does not hesitate to speak her mind and she is very opinionated. I think Mae provides an ideal foil to Connie.