Friday, June 10, 2016

Another Update on the Evergreen Trees

This may turn out as an ongoing thing here. We'll see. I have been watching the three evergreen trees. They are all showing some new growth, though the smallest one seems slowest in coming ahead. If they keep up like this I could do some pruning that is more radical.

The smallest one is coming along but slowly.

This tree seems to be putting most of its energy into seed
cones. Despite that there is some new growth happening.

You can see some new growth here. I'm hoping the red needles will either fall off
and be replaced or green up. This did happen with one of the other trees.

You can see some new growth happening here. I think
bringing this tree around is going to take a while.

This tree wasn't doing very well but now it seems to be revived and on its way.

There is a lot of new growth in the upper branches. The
tree may gain six to twelve centimeters this year.

The bright green on the tips is new growth.

I'm hoping the red needles come around. If they don't
I will prune that branch just beyond the new growth.

Overall this one looks to be thriving. It's the tallest of the three and has the
larges trunk. The forty-five centimeters at the top is new growth since I
started tending to them. It is now adding new growth there.

There's a lot of new growth here. There i also dead stuff in there but it's
harder to see. I hope this one does well enough that next year I can start
pruning for shape so it can take better advantage of the sun light.