Friday, May 23, 2014

The Osgoode Fire Station

The Osgoode Fire Station, 92, is on Nixon Rd. in Osgoode. When I visited it to take pictures a firefighter who was inspecting the station invited me to come into the bay and take pictures. He told me that the Osgoode station specializes in water rescue and has equipment for that purpose. Like most rural stations in the Ottawa Fire Service the Osgoode station has a water tanker. The rural communities do not have water mains for hydrants. They depend on wells for their water. The rural stations are equipped with water tank apparatus and what are called porta tanks. Due to their equipment and training the rural stations in the Ottawa Fire Service have the capability to provide continuous water to fight fires.

Look closely at this fire hydrant and you'll see that it is decorative and not at all functional.

Amalgamation of the regional communities into the City of Ottawa required that the fire stations that became part of the Ottawa Fire Service to be renumbered. For administrative purposes the city has been divided into nine districts. The first digit on the fire stations is the district number, the following digit(s) indicate the number of the station in the district. Osgoode station 92 is the second station in District 9.